A Wild West Wolf Roleplay
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 Character Guidelines

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PostSubject: Character Guidelines   Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:43 pm

You may think we have many rules, but actually, we are very open to many things in terms of character creation. If you see something not addressed in the lost below, please ask and we will address and add it to the list below so others can know as well!

  • Wolves can 'talk', like in Narnia

  • Wolf size and height must be kept realistic

  • Eye colors and markings are open

  • 'Rainbow' wolves are not allowed

  • We stick to some of the realistic wolf behaviors, such as resting for a few days after a hunt

  • Histories can be native to the land or come from other packs

  • Deaths cannot be reversed, so sure you are sure (A new character can be registered if you so desire, or you can request a name change)

  • You can act as a newcomer to the roleplay, or you can RP as a current member at the start, both parties of whom you roleplay with should be in agreement to this
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Character Guidelines
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