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 Pack Meetings

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PostSubject: Pack Meetings    Pack Meetings  EmptySun Mar 25, 2018 7:08 pm

When it comes to the pack, there must also be a means of communication and time to discuss things between each other within the roleplay; that is why we have pack meetings. These meetings can be about anything happening within the roleplay. The list below may be things that could be discussed within the pack meeting.

  • Rank promotions or changes

  • Observing food supply and any issues that could be preventing a successful hunt

  • New member acknowledgement (For anyone who wishes to be known as a new member of the pack in the roleplay Alpha would introduce you to the group and grant you a rank of your choice)

  • Predator inquiries, stature

  • Rogue wolf updates [lone wolves that could be a danger to the pack)

The Alpha will howl for a pack meeting and of course a date and time outside roleplay will be scheduled so that we can get as may people to participate as possible. Members will then gather at the Chiefs Den for the meet. All other information would be provided on the announcement for that particular meeting. The Alpha would be the one to dismiss everyone when it is finished.
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Pack Meetings
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