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 Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATED 6/1/18

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATED 6/1/18   Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:02 pm

No site joining application?
Nope, you just register and submit your biography before jumping into roleplay. That's it!

What are the Ranks here?
View ASP Ranks via THIS topic

What is the rating here?
PG outside RP and pg-13 in the RP.

Who are the staff?

Nashota, Chinuk, and Cardi.

How many characters can we have?
As many as you can hands! Please be sure to keep the tag field up to date. See Mercy Thompson account for example.

Do we participate in the Wolfquest game?
Not right now, no. Perhaps sometime in the future.

Do we train for our ranks?
You are paired with an adult in the rank you desire to shadow them and learn your rank if your character is age 1-2 years. Then when you are ready, the pack shall host a meeting and present you will your new rank.

How do I start in the roleplay?
You can create a thread of your own in any of the RP places, or you can check out the Newcomer Peak, our open thread for any new member who wants to get a feel of how everything works around here.

Can I change my rank?
Yes, you can. Just inform the staff what rank you want. No RP post are needed, but you are limited to 1 rank changes in a 6 month period outside community-wide rank change opportunities. This means you can change your rank twice outside site wide opportunities.

Can I change my username?
You can ask a staff member to change it for you. Limitation is 2 changes in a 6 month period.

When will the Other Roleplay section be opened?
This is now OPEN!

How do i make an rp in Other Roleplay?
Request one HERE once you have an idea. Then once staff approve it, your forum in Other RP Section with be created for you and you can make the topics as you see fit.

What are the rules for other roleplays?
Read them HERE.

I can't manage my roleplay, now what do I do?
You can either hand it down to another member or request it be disbanded.

What is the "activity status" field in my profile?

That is your current activity level around the forums. You can update it based on THIS guide.

Why don't we have a discord server?
The last vote had a majority of disinterest in making the server. We focus ourselves on the forums where all have access and equality stands firm.
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Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATED 6/1/18
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