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 Alpha Nashota

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PostSubject: Alpha Nashota    Alpha Nashota  EmptyThu Mar 29, 2018 2:24 am


Age: 3
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha


Reference: (lineart goes to credited, design is mine)
Alpha Nashota  Nashot10


Personality: Nashota is a sweet girl, kind. She observes a lot, and doesn't say much until she gets to know you, then she's a joy to be around. Her hobbies include basking in morning sunlight at Scouts Outlook, hunting rabbits in Running Meadows or even relaxing at Little Brook. She enjoys engaged conversations with her friends, and even an interesting sparring match between members of her pack. Nashota is also firm and direct when it comes to leading her pack. She will defend her title, but also help others improve. Nashota is easily distracted and her sense of direction is questionable. She is creative, but sometimes she can go over the edge. Overall, she has a lot of energy and jumps at anything to get her paws moving.


History: To be told within the roleplay.
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Alpha Nashota
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