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 Kai | Elder [w.i.p]

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PostSubject: Kai | Elder [w.i.p]   Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:08 am


Kay or K

6 years



Kai is generally outgoing and friendly. She has quite a laid back, lazy personality and doesn't really have a mean bone in her body. Her hobbies tend to include sleeping most of the day or eating anything she can find. She likes to find different places to sleep and occasionally finds herself falling asleep in the oddest of places.

Kai loves food, she has been known to eat just about anything and if there's any leftovers, she'll most likely eat them. Swimming is another favourite, she's found it helps with her terrible joints. Sleeping, she's been known to sleep through just about anything, she gets rather grumpy without her naps. She'll play if you can persuade her to, though she's known to always say yes.

She doesn't have many of these, of course she dislikes if you take food she's eating or wake her from her naps.

To be established later cx

Kai doesn't really remember her mother, father or siblings. She's never had a mate nor pups, at one point she thought about it but the hassle of motherhood wasn't something she thought she'd enjoy.

Though her ref doesn't actually show much, Kai is a light brownish grey with a tint of white, with a few odd black bits. She has no distinct markings, her eyes are a light brown and she has a rather long, tough, dense coat. She has a few scars that are hidden underneath her shaggy coat from her puppy days, as she had a rather rough upbringing.


my discord is; D0g#1401
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Kai | Elder [w.i.p]
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