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 [camilla ross] [healer]

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PostSubject: [camilla ross] [healer]   Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:42 pm


NAME :: Camilla
NICKNAMES :: Cam, Nilla
AGE :: 3 years
RANK :: Healer


SEXUALITY :: Homo-flexible
PERSONALITY :: Camilla is a full grown adult and a total basket case. She’s all over the place. She’s the type to say that she’s “going to get more organized” but in actuality is progressing deeper into a self-created hellscape. She procrastinates, and works on a last minute basis, which makes her even more of a living disaster.

She once attempted to settle down with a mate, have children, and lead sort of a normal life. However, she panicked, fled the scene and ran as far away as she could. For the past year she has relied on her knowledge of herbal remedies and her hunting prowess to keep herself thriving. She’s just barely able to scrape by, but that’s how she likes to live. Camilla is very antiestablishment, believing that the “American Dream” and constant pursuit of peace, leisure, and whatever other elitist junk that is propagated is nothing more than lies. Her lifestyle is nontraditional, to say the least.

She is a lesbian — at least, she’s pretty sure she is. Truth is, Camilla suffers to maintain any interpersonal relationships. She’s got BPD - borderline personality disorder - which makes her very “all-or-nothing”. She feels friendships and romances at the same level of intensity and gets jealous very easily. Cam is also competitive by nature, leading her to constantly attempt “bestest friend” status. Making her even more undesirable - she’s kind of an asshole sometimes. If she’s not interested in becoming friends, she won’t try. In other words, she doesn’t play nice if she doesn’t have to.

Camilla wants to travel, more than anything. Her mother being Mexican, Camilla is fluent in conversational Spanish. Life in the wild west is all she has ever known and she enjoyed the plains and grasslands immensely. She has described herself as a free spirit, moving from place to place and refusing to conform to any one society.


EYE COLOR :: Lime green
SPECIES :: Mexican gray wolf
PELT :: An array of reds and tans
NOTABLE MARKINGS :: She has a dark, terra-cotta colored maroon "mask" like a raccoon's around her eyes. This marking doubles as sort of a sun visor, absorbing light and allowing her to see better during the day (much similar to the black lines that football and baseball players draw under their eyes).

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[camilla ross] [healer]
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