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 Our First Announcement!

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Our First Announcement! Empty
PostSubject: Our First Announcement!   Our First Announcement! EmptyMon Apr 02, 2018 8:55 pm

Here we are! Just a few updates and words for everyone. First off, activity is looking awesome! Thank you Smile

Second, we pretty much have everyone on board except Penelope, hope she joins soon! With that in mind, I just wanted to be sure everyone wasn't lost or anything about what to do, though it seems everyone is following suit together which is fantastic. Don't hesitate to ask questions in the help forum though.

For those though who joined the site, save Drax, please update your profiles if you haven't already. I did add some fields there that are required to be filled. Newest members will have them filled upon registration.

In regards to the banner contest...we still want to do this? I wanted to be sure everyone was on board before following through with the idea. Please post below if you are still interested in doing it.

Also, @Camilla, I await those icons. PM them to me once they're done, please and thank you Smile

Hope everyone had a good Easter! That is all for now Smile
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Our First Announcement!
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