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 Enzo - The Winner (W.I.P)

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Enzo - The Winner (W.I.P) Empty
PostSubject: Enzo - The Winner (W.I.P)   Enzo - The Winner (W.I.P) EmptyTue Apr 10, 2018 11:49 pm

The Winner

: Basic Information :
N I C K  N A M E -- Enzo from the end-zone
A G E -- 4 years
G E N D E R -- Brute
S P E C I E S -- Grey Wolf
R A N K -- Beta
P A C K -- Apache Sunrise
H E I G H T -- 31 inches at the shoulders
W E I G H T -- 110 lbs

                  : Physical Appearance :

B U I L D -- Slim and tall yet strong enough to bring down a powerful white tailed buck. Much of his body mass consists of thick muscle that he has gained from training as a yearling

C O A T -- His pelt is that of any of typical grey wolf. The thickness varies along with the changing seasons upon the land. In the cold winter months, it becomes thick and coarse while against the skin it is a softer fluffy type to preserve body heat. While in the hot summer months his pelt thins out incredibly after an ugly shedding

F U R  C O L O R -- This canine stands out within a crowd of other wolves due to his oddly colored pelt. His coat blends well within foggy atmospheres being his coat is a thick charcoal grey 

E Y E  C O L O R -- Unlike his fur, his orbs take on a more common color: light gold

S C A R S -- The top of his left paw appears to missing some fur and bares a shiny pink scar; He also wears small cuts and marks from various hunting mishaps and rides down stream

: Attributes :

P E R S O N A L I T Y -- Truly, he is headstrong to take on anyone. There is no one that he would not back down from or fight. When it comes to being challenged, Enzo accepts immediately. He always keeps to his own traditions when it comes to little scuffles or full blown battles. Never will he be the first to strike for he sees it as dishonorable. Killing a wolf is something he would never dream of doing unless it was absolutely essential and he had no other choice. He is really the most honorable and courageous wolf that some will ever meet. He has good intentions most of the time but just has the worst ways of achieving his goals.

According to Enzo, he harbors a demon within his soul. It is a burden to him that causes him to lash out with record setting ferociousness. This demon only shows itself whenever his blood is running hot within his veins and his eyes are seeing crimson. While at first, he'll try to control it but, eventually he allows it to be roam free because he grows old of holding back his true emotions. When the monster has taken control of his mind, it destroys all rational though his tradition of never striking first still is in effect. To get another to attack him, he will interrogate them by spitting out words he knows will hurt them. Whenever he's in this state, it's best to just leave him be until he regains himself again. 

Overall and in a simpler way, Enzo is what you would say a complete jerk. He's outspoken and not afraid who he gives attitude too or the consequences of those actions. The brute will be a flirt with most females he finds attractive as he has not found one to change this about him. Adjoining his flirtation is the fact he knows he's good looking thus revealing his cockiness. 

S T R E N G T H S -- Using his build his advantage, Enzo is immense speed and agility. He also has a great lung capacity which in turn gives him great stamina allowing him to run long distances. 

W E A K N E S S E S -- Often leaping before thinking and not being the best at giving advice towards anything. He hates starting physical fighting,;verbally he's game. If any fight breaks out for whatever reason, he tries solving it and grows quite defensive from his short fused temper

T A L E N T S -- Speed and agility, fitting into small places. He has unusually good hearing even for a wolf

H A B I T S -- Laughing uncontrollably, flirting with high ranked females, doing things alone, speaking his mind and cracking some jokes
L I K E S --  Chewing on sticks, exploring, hunting, fireflies, racing and chewing sticks

D I S L I K E S -- Frustrating situations, revilement questions, humid weather, regret/guilt 

: L I F E  E V E N T S :
.. Coming soon ...

: C O N N E C T I O N S :
F A T H E R -- Amarqu  [deceased]
M O T H E R -- Nokota [deceased]
S I B L I N G S -- Atheos (Older brother [deceased])
Aika - (Older sister [alive])
Bera (Younger sister [alive])
Rylor (Younger brother [alive])
M A T E S or P U P S -- None
C R U S H E S -- None at the moment
F R I E N D S -- To be met
E N E M I E S -- The world 
: L I F E  S O N G :

Avatar Cred @ PureChoas on WQ
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Enzo - The Winner (W.I.P)
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