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 Chinuk Ayashe ::Warrior

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PostSubject: Chinuk Ayashe ::Warrior   Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:51 pm

3 years


Chinuk's pelt consists of a charcoal base with white accents with an occasional brown. He also withholds deep blue orbs. His physique is fairly muscular. Though, most of the muscle is packed within his legs and chest, leaving the rest of his body somewhat slim. Due to his towering height, he carries the appropriate weight.
Scent:: Deep sea and Leather

Chinuk admits that he doesn’t know everything. He accepts the fact that other wolves are more qualified and more knowledgeable than he is, without dismay. Chinuk tends to favor solitude over strangers, but if approached he will be passive. Granted, he's not opposed to making friends, he just feels as though other wolves aren't interested. Once he seeks interest in one, he will be a complete goof.
Despite his distant nature, Chinuk feels as though keeping others close is essential. And of course, no matter the distance he tends to keep, he is ultimately loyal to his crowd. If need be, he will protect those he is fond of. No matter the circumstance.

Mate:: N/A
Rivals:: N/A
Offspring:: N/A
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Chinuk Ayashe ::Warrior
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