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Emmett | Hunter Emmett10
         E m mett          
"hold my hand, oh baby it's a long way down to the bottom of the river"

Name: Emmett
Alias(es): "Em" to his friends
Age: 4 years
Status: Injured - large open wound on his right shoulder from hunting accident, mild cold
Gender/Pronouns: Cis Male, he/him
Sexuality: Bisexual

Current Pack/Group: N/A
Current Rank: Loner
Desired Rank: Scout

Theme Song: Bottom of the River by Delta Rae

"the lord's gonna come for your first born son, his hair's on fire and his heart is burning"

Height: 40 inches (at the shoulder)
Weight: 82 lbs
Build: Tall and lean, with decent muscle built for running at fast speeds and a prominent chest.

Coloration: Primarily brown hues, with a cream face, chest, and paws. Some patches of brown have grayish or black tips, mostly along his back and on his cheeks, while others have more warm/reddish tones.
Pelt Texture: Short and waterproof, a bit course. The fur on his neck and tail are a bit longer and more ruffled compared to the smoother hairs on his body.
Eye Color: Bright yellow.

Scars: N/A
Scent Identification: Sun-cooked maple and cinnamon.
Voice: A brassy, southern drawl.
Other: N/A

Emmett | Hunter Emmett11
Wonderful reference by rigorm0rtis <3

"so go to the river where the water runs, wash him deep where the tides are turning"

Personality Alignment: ESFP
Personality Type: Extrovert
Key Traits: Mischievous, enthusiastic, clever, bold, confident, loud, selfish, defensive, bossy, noncommittal

Personality Overview: One of Emmett's most stand-out qualities is his boyish confidence. The years and his past have taken no effect on his mischievous and cocky demeanor, and he has yet to grow out of the "anything is allowed as long as you don't get caught" phase of his adolescence. He's very bold, loud, and competitive, unafraid to make his voice and opinions heard, and refusing to take orders from anyone but himself. Though he loves to meet new wolves, and he even collects friends and acquaintances like playing cards. He hates to be alone but fears being too attached, so making loads of casual friends is, in his mind, the best way to avoid those things; even if it means he never grows truly, genuinely close to anyone. It's gotten to the point that he doesn't really know how to make those kinds of connections, and will often shy away at any signs of attachment or commitment from others. Controlling the amount of emotional affect others have on him is imperative if he wants to avoid being abandoned.

Those who know Emmett will also be familiar with his more casual self; the more playful, whiny, mischievous pup stuck in an adult's body. They may also pick up on the other side of Em's coin - the one where a bit of darkness taints his otherwise sunny existence. Ever since Emmett left his birth pack after feeling betrayed by his mother, Emmett experiences random and uncontrollable bursts of aggression, frenzy, or hyperactivity. He may speak louder and with less of a filter, take bolder risks, be less merciful in his pranks, or in extreme cases become disturbing in his actions while on hunts. The feeling of impending loss of control keeps Emmett scared, as he hates this part of himself but has no control over it and has no idea how to fix it. Sometimes he even loses chunks of time to this second version of himself, and as the days go on the fear of what he has done or is about to do haunts him more and more. Em knows he needs to find someone or something to help him, but who do you turn to when you trust nobody, not even yourself?

These outbursts are one of the few things Emmett does not try to brush off or joke about. Instead he'll isolate himself out of shame until he starts craving attention and affection again, and the process repeats.

Intelligence: Low. Emmett is more of a doer than a thinker and doesn't care much for knowing the reason for things or how they work. He's good at making decisions and wiggling his way out of trouble, but beyond that he's not the brightest.
Likes: Thrills, pranks, jokes, good company, daytime, swimming, fishing, hunting, impressing others, pups.
Dislikes: Boredom, bullies, goody-two-shoes types, being alone, having to sit still, nighttime, being bossed around.
Pet Peeves: When others talk to him like he's beneath them.
Fears: Wasps and the dark. Abandonment, and the random outbursts of uncharacteristically dark behavior that plagues him.

"into the water, let it pull him under, don't you lift him, let him drown alive"

Previous Packs/Groups: Elleslie Fishers Pack
Previous Ranks: Lead Fisher, Exile

History: Emmett grew up in a large pack of wolves in the south that were best known for their friendliness and fishing capability. He spent most of his youth with his brothers and sisters and their friends, in the water fishing and learning how to become the next generation of the pack's ranks. It was an easy pup hood for the little male. There was plenty of food and territory to explore, a perk since he always had so much energy and curiosity, and his parents, the pack's Beta's, were very loving towards him and all his siblings. When it came time for the pups to choose to leave or stay as they approached the end half of their second year of life, it was no surprise that neither Emmett or any of his friends left. The world was at their paws.

But the pack was growing large. Surrounding clans were beginning to notice and become concerned for their own survival, worried that the Elleslie wolves were too powerful and were using up all the good territory. This lead to a sort of super-pack to be formed, consisting of three neighboring packs and a few rogues. Things quickly got ugly for the Elleslie Fishers Pack as they were threatened and pushed to leave their territory, but the pack was confident and strong so instead of yielding tensions only grew until war broke out. Many Elleslie wolves fought to stay, but almost all died in the brawls that plagued the land for a month. At the end of the living nightmare only a few of the pack wolves were left, Emmett and his mother being the sole survivors in his family, and his mother being left in charge of Elleslie. Emmett had anticipated her quickly deciding to relocate the pack after their surrender, but instead was horrified to learn that she had fallen in love with a healer of the superpack while separated from his father in battle. She planned to mate with the healer and unite the two forces, leaving Emmett disgusted and confused at her betrayal.

Unable to live amoung the wolves who had slaughtered his friends and family, Emmett dispersed that same day. He traveled north, keeping himself alive by following fish-abundant rivers and making as many friends as he could, but refusing to settle and truly trust another group after what he had been through. It was the periods of time in between those that he had company where something seemed to shift in Emmett. While he refused to let his past taint his cheery and fun-loving personality, there were times when something darker would slip into the corners of his mind. He'd enjoy the coppery taste of a fresh kill just a bit too much, push his muscles until they were burning with effort, or get just a touch too frantic and have trouble reining it in. Emmett is terrified of these occurrences but has no idea how to control them, and is frightened that one day he might go too far or not remember doing something he will regret. He knows that he needs help, but who can he turn to when he's too scared of getting hurt? Or worse, hurting someone else.

"the wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight, drunk and driven by a devil's hunger"

Parents: Tartua ♂, Emeline ♀
Siblings: Yve ♀ (unknown status), Hawthe ♂, Jennai ♀, Kole ♂
Previous Mate(s): N/A
Current Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

In-Game Relationships:
Character | desc.

"let that fever make the water rise, and let the river run dry, and i said hold my hand"

Character Art Gallery: Coming Soon!
This Character Is Played By: Raz
Other: The displayed picture belongs to Kati H. of Dawnthieves
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Emmett | Hunter
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