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 Catch That Elk! | Hunting Party

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PostSubject: Catch That Elk! | Hunting Party   Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:31 am

Our First Hunt!
Alright, here it is! I'll make this quite simple and to the point. We will have all participants choose their desired spot in the hunt, then we can direct the roleplay AZ needed to reflect the hunt. We will have the hunt at Running Meadows as previewed in Nashotas previous post. Choose one of the positions below and reply here with that request. Gonna need at least 5 participants to start. Remember: Of you are a hunter for your rank, you are leading the party. If your character is in rp as he/she discovering their skills, play it that way if you choose, but we all follow you! Should be real interesting.

Hunting Positions

Leaders: You lead the party, order and direct members for a successful hunt.

Decoy: You are tasked with distracting the prey while others work on a surprise attack.

Chaser: You have good stamina and your on the run to chase down the prey, injure it so that it can't flee.

Assassin: You deliver the final blow once enough health from the beast has been depleted.

We will need at least one of each and 2 chasers to make our 5 count and we can gradually go from there. Post below with desired position to participate.


Nashota - Chaser
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Catch That Elk! | Hunting Party
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