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 Whisper the Apprentice

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PostSubject: Whisper the Apprentice   Whisper the Apprentice EmptyTue Jul 03, 2018 12:45 pm



Name: Whisper
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Female
Species: Timber wolf
Rank: Apprentice
Pack: Apache Sunrise Pack
Height: 26 inches tall
Weight: 63 pounds

Physical Appearance

Build: A tiny, petite wolf with a very skinny frame. Not much muscle, as she still has a lot of training and learning to do.
Coat: Her coat varies depending on the season, but in general it is thick.
Fur color: Whisper's coat is relatively nothing too special. It overall has a creamish base, with black, off white and brown markings splashing in a generally vertical pattern on her coat. A light reddish brown coats her muzzle and her ears.
Eye color: A bright golden-amber hue
Scars: None


Personality: Whisper is an enthusiastic little ball of energy. When it comes to new ideas, Whisper isn't interested in brooding – she wants to go out and experience things, and won't hesitate to step out of her comfort zones to do so. She wants to do everything, see everything, meet everyone, and she will not hesitate to be the first one to say hello. She has infectious enthusiasm, and as she observes, forming new connections and ideas, Whisper won’t hold her tongue – she's excited about her findings, and will share them with anyone who’ll listen. However, with as friendly and enthusiastic as she may be, she also has trouble in terms of knowing what not to say. While still somewhat of a pup/youngling, she's learning the do's and don'ts of life. She also can be prone to being a little impulsive every once in a while.
Strengths: Moving silently, stealth, speed
Weaknesses: Strength, poor fighting skills, very little life experience
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Whisper the Apprentice
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